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Connect to College Document Exchange System

Welcome to the Connect to College (C2C) Document Exchange for counselors and other high school and district office personnel.

Note to Doc Exchange users: You may receive withdrawal notices [emails] with last dates of attendance earlier than the “Current as of” date on the latest posted Enrollment/Withdrawal Report for the current academic year. If that occurs it’s because verified last dates of attendance were not received from all instructors of the withdrawn student at the time the report was issued.

About the Document Exchange

The Document Exchange enables you to access two types of documents:

  1. C2C general information and forms (links below – no login needed)
  2. Student data for your school/district (login required – you only have access to data for your school; district office staff can view data for all district high schools)

Accessing the Document Exchange

The C2C Office has set up accounts for school and district staff who work most closely with the Connect to College program. To log in, click the login link at the top of this screen.If you have difficulty logging in, or if you need to have and account added/deleted, please contact a Connect to College staff member:

  • Mrs. Cynthia Mobley, Director, PK-125C, (864) 646-1504 (cmobley2@tctc.edu)
  • Mrs. Tiffany Carpenter, Support Specialist and Graduation Coach, PK-125B, (864) 646-1541 (trogers3@tctc.edu)
  • Mr. Stephen Peele, Lead Instructional/Testing Specialist, PK-125A, (864) 646-1495 (speele1@tctc.edu)
  • Mrs. Cathy Strasser, Program Resource Assistant, PK-125, (864) 646-1461 (cstrass1@tctc.edu)

Program Info/Application Forms –

Reports and Summaries

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